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Olivio De Jesus Rojas was born in the city of Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

As a teenager he was a volunteer at the Radio Maria Santa Maria school serving as a math teacher.

Graduated from O&M Dominican University where he completed a bachelor's  degree of Systems and Computing  Engineering. Worked as a computer teacher between 2008 - 2011  at the Dominican Technical Institute of the Americas, New Horizons High School  and as an Independent Computer Trainer trainer for public and private employees.

 He is a member of the Dominican anti-corruption group and
co-founder of the Dominican political organization -DEMOCRACIA 1000-

Founder of the Dominican Anti-Corruption and Justice Movement.
Owner and founder of -Your Dreams Construction, LLC.- a general construction company.  He is married and  father of 3 children, he considers himself to be a politician ann believes that politics can be the tool that allows us to have the necessary resources to make great transformations and contributions to improve the quality of life of society.

Also believes that with the creation of this organization will  support and strengthen our communities and promote Dominican cultural identity, traditions and develop entrepreneurship, thus providing resources to strengthen our community in this beautiful country.


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